About Oralus®

Our Facility

Equipped with the latest updates in technology in an effort to provide affordable, quality oral & dental care for each and every one of our patient’s individual needs.

Quality Meets Comfort

Located at 302 E. St Charles Rd Villa Park IL. 60181, our facility was designed and constructed by healthcare facility professionals. Specializing in the healthcare industry, and using the highest quality of materials, our builders strove to provide us with a facility that not only exceeds every standard, but also a level a quality that would be evident to our clients.
The Oralus facility is equipped with the latest in oral & dental care technology. Offering diagnostic digital imaging, electronic medical records, a state of art computerized sterilization system as well as comfortable and environmentally friendly spacious operating rooms.

Efficient & Easy

Providing unmatched accessibility to all our patients, Oralus features an electronic sign-in as well as digital patient registration; all so that your visit is made that much easier and less stressful. With free access to Wi-Fi and cable TV, you can stay up to speed with both your work, and current events.
Promptly scheduling patients with little to no wait is another way we are able to save you time, and make your visit is easy and efficient as possible. The Oralus facility was designed and built specifically with patient flow in mind and a goal to achieve quicker service and a higher quality of care.

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